The Candidate Academy delivers practical courses focused on helping young graduates develop workplace competencies by learning how to apply their theoretical training to implement engineering projects and processes. The training is exercise-based, starting with a brief refresher on the topic and leading into a guided practical learning exercise or project.

Topics covered:

  • Road to Registration for Candidates
  • Road to Registration for Mentors, Supervisors and HR Practitioners
  • Road to Registration for Supervisors and Coaches
  • Road to Registration for Mature Candidates
  • Basic Contract Administration and Quality Control
  • Estimating, Costing and Pricing of Construction Tenders
  • Getting Acquainted with GCC2015
  • Getting Acquainted with Tendering and Procurement
  • Basic Pressure Pipeline and Pump Station Design and Specification
  • Getting Acquainted with Sewer Design
  • Getting Acquainted with Road Construction and Maintenance
  • Getting Acquainted with Geosynthetics in Soil Reinforcement
  • Getting Acquainted with Fixing and Anchoring Technology
  • Getting Acquainted with Concrete

Although courses are aimed at graduates, they all carry CPD points and have been validated by ECSA recognised Voluntary Associations and therefore also serve as useful refresher or update courses for registration persons to earn CPD points and maintain their registration.

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