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The Municipal Academy delivers courses for municipal engineering and planning practitioners to enhance their ability to deliver, operate and maintain municipal services. Several courses have been developed for municipalities on request over the years along with developing SOPs and delivering training on the implementation of SOPs. For more information contact zan@saicepdp.org.
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Municipal Infrastructure Support Agent (MISA)


SAICE-PDP currently has a contract with the Municipal Infrastructure Support Agent (MISA) to deliver a range of courses for municipal officials. There is no charge for municipal officials to attend the scheduled courses. The courses on offer are listed below. More detail and booking forms can be found under the Course Calendar pop-down menu, as and when they are scheduled.

Civil engineering

  • Getting Acquainted with Road Construction and Maintenance
  • Getting Acquainted with Sewer Design
  • Getting Acquainted with Stormwater Design
  • Operations and Maintenance of Wastewater Treatment Works
  • Pressure Management and Pressure Reducing Valves
  • Pressure Pipeline and Pump Station Design and Specification

Electrical Engineering

  • Substation Design, Operations and Maintenance
  • Electrical Power Systems Protection
  • The Municipal Electricity Revenue Value Chain – Meter to Cash and Everything in between (An Overview)
  • Metering and Protection of the Meter

Waste Management

  • Getting Acquainted with Landfill Selection, Design and Operations
  • Waste Management Training Programme

Contract Management and Project Delivery

  • Getting Acquainted with Basic Contract Administration and Quality Control
  • Getting Acquainted with Estimating, Costing and Pricing of Construction Tenders
  • How to Develop an Infrastructure Asset Management Plan in Three Months
  • Planning, Scheduling and Programming for Construction Projects
  • Understanding the Concept of Labour-Intensive Construction
  • Understanding the Six Work Stages in the Project Life Cycle


  • SPLUMA guidelines for Spatial Development Frameworks
  • MSDF Capital Investment Framework
  • Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act, 2013 (SPLUMA)


  • Introduction to GIS in Local Government
  • Essential Workflows for Local Government
  • Advanced GIS topics for Local Government


A municipality can schedule an in-house course covering any of these topics at the municipality’s cost. Please contact Zan Mlambo on zan@saicepdp.org for a quote.

Other Courses and Services

Several courses over and above those available through the MISA programme are also available. Contact zan@saicepdp.org for more details

Water Services
  • Getting Acquainted with Urban Water Management
  • Getting Acquainted with Water Conservation and Demand Management
  • The Importance of Data Logging and Interpretation of Logging Results for WDM course
  • Getting Acquainted with Water Resource Management
  • Drinking Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Operation of Water Treatment Works
  • Operation of Wastewater Treatment Works
  • Biological Wastewater Treatment, principles, modelling and design
  • Water Safety Planning for Engineers
  • Wastewater Abatement Planning for Engineers
  • Decentralise Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Sludge Treatment and Disposal
Road to Registration
  • Road to Registration for Candidate Engineers, Technicians and Technologists
  • Road to Registration for Mature Candidates
  • Road to Registration for GIS Candidates
  • Road to Registration for Candidate Planners
  • The Direct Route to Registration as a Construction Project Manager or Construction Manager

Job Descriptions

SAICE-PDP in conjunction with Buffalo City and Gauteng COGTA developed a suite of job descriptions relating to engineering departments in municipalities in ~2010 in response to the local government Competence Framework which was being developed. Organograms for each of the key civil engineering departments are displayed, posts can be selected, and associated job descriptions downloaded and edited to suite. 

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