ECSA requires that graduates are supervised by experienced professionals who are able to transfer skills and ensure that they receive adequate and relevant experience. A mentor, who may also be the supervisor, is required to plan and oversee the training to ensure the long-term development of competence. Supervisors, who are generally line managers, issue tasks on a day-to-day basis and ensure that the work is being carried out as planned.

Skills transfer and coaching must take place in the daily tasks that the candidate performs. Without such capacity and direct supervision, development seldom takes place. Mentors and supervisors may be experienced internal staff, or may be external staff seconded to those organisations with insufficient capacity to develop their own candidates.

SAICE-PDP mentoring services

Supervisors and coaches – Experienced professionals may be sourced to act as supervisors or coaches  to ensure that day-to-day tasks are adequately performed, and candidates are coached. They may be appointed full-time, or may visit weekly or monthly as required.
Mentors  â€“ Experienced professionals may be sourced to plan and oversee the training process and candidates’ professional development, decision making and judgement, for the duration of the candidacy phase. Mentors may play a key role in championing an entire candidate programme within an organisation, or may visit monthly or quarterly to review individual candidates’ progress and plan further activities. Mentors also serve as referees once candidates are ready for registration.
Mentor oversight – To ensure consistency in programmes and to give organisations comfort that their mentoring efforts are in line with statutory requirements, experienced professionals may be sourced to monitor training programmes and offer advice on whether the type of work is adequately complex and varied in accordance with the ECSA Outcomes.
Designing mentoring programmes – SAICE-PDP has considerable experience in developing and managing mentoring programmes, and can be appointed to either advise on, or design, mentoring programmes.
Courses for candidates, mentors, supervisors and human resources staff – Courses on the most efficient approaches to adopt for workplace training and professional development are offered through SAICE and CESA on a regular basis and can also be offered in-house. Visit the Candidate Academy tab for more information and course dates.

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