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 November  2011 The article outlines the work carried out by SAICE-PDP in supporting local government and training in the industry as a whole. Since the inception of the ENERGYS project in 2006, retired engineers placed in local government throughout the country have contributed to the release of some R9bn worth of projects, the training of some 350 students, 180 graduates and thousands of in-house staff
 July  2007   An article outlining the work of one of the ENERGYS retired engineers and his team in the Northern Cape. Not only have graduates and in-house staff benefitted from his work but communities have learnt a number of skills which they can sell back to local, provincial and national government and within their own communities.
 April  2007 An article outlining the range of support offered by the ENERGYS project in which some 45 retired engineers, 43 graduates and 97 students were involved in training, support and service delivery in some 70 municipalities nationwide  

 September  2006

An appeal for more retired civil engineering capacity to support local  government at many remote sites nationwide
 April  2006 The ENERGYS support programme harnessing retired professionals to train students, graduates and in-house staff and address service delivery in local government is launched
 June  2005 A further appeal for retired engineers to increase the pool available for placement in local government
 April  2005
The first appeal for retired engineers to support local government. This historic article received many responses, confirming for Allyson Lawless that the model she suggested of harnessing retired engineering capacity to train young and in-house, and support local government was viable. Based on the input received, the ENERGYS programme was designed by SAICE-PDP and launched in January 2006. This model was later also adopted by the DBSA for their Siyenza Manje project.  

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